bruichladdich 2001: THE RESURRECTION DRAM

Bruichladdich 2001: THE RESURRECTION DRAM

2001. A spirit odyssey. A unique celebration bottling of our very first spirt – the resurrection of a legend, the realisation of a dream.

This “Resurrection Dram” is a testament to the inspired – the Harvey brothers OF 1881, their avant-garde distillery design, and a new team of distillers who took up their progressive torch in 2001. It's a celebration of a new era at Bruichladdich, the first distilled by Jim McEwan and his team in the more artisanal, old-fashioned way.

An emotional dram for us – our first spirit. Very lightly peated at 10ppm and a style never repeated since. A very special dram and uttlerly delicious - amazingly fresh and floral, with marine influences and subtle, sweet peat. 24,000 bottle only.

Tasting Notes

Smooth and warming with all the goodness of the components really coming together. The clean marine and heather covered summer freshness in the spirit is wonderful and brings back happy memories of the day this shy beautiful spirit was reborn.

August Barley Straw.

You are welcomed by notes of honeyed mints, rosemary and thyme, soft marzipan and lemon zest, all very subtle and at one with each other. As the spirit warms others emerge, soft nougat, toffee and warm charred oak, toasted hazelnuts and little hints of fresh coconut.

As I write this, all the flavours have merged and are as one. Its pure zesty fragrance lifts the senses and the skill of the farmers, coopers and distillers are encapsulated both in my mind and memory of 10 years ago. It’s a beautiful pure spirit emerging for the first time into a much changed and happier home.

We, the crew of Bruichladdich 2011, are proud to introduce you to our first born. This spirit reflects the dedication and hopes of all our staff, the dedication to traditional ways has paid off, this is the proof. Our spirit will find its way through life, a pleasant journey and you can be part of it as you follow this Pilgrim’s progress.

Changing room nerves. OK Coral.

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