We Made It: Beardyman's Beardytron_5000mkIV

It can be easy to see craft and making as retrograde activities, or at least a reaction entirely against an overly-technological world. And indeed that can often be part of the appeal - but the majority of the creators we feature on the We Made It pages are far from luddites: they are networked and digitally-enabled people, fully functioning in the modern world. And many of them are in fact working at the cutting edge of technology.

Darren Foreman aka Beardyman did actually begin his career as a very low-tech, street-level artist, using hip hop's "human beatbox" techniques of creating complex sounds and rhythms using only the mouth and lungs. As his recordings and performances went on, though, he increasingly used digital processing equipment to increase the range of what he could do with his vocal sounds. Over on theartsdesk, Matthew Wright finds out how this has proliferated into a unique and self-devised setup that can now allow him to devise and create an entire album during the course of one performance.

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