bruichladdich The Laddie Twenty Two Year Old

Bruichladdich The Laddie Twenty Two Year Old

Continuity. Ageless values. Time is simply immaterial for the artisan distiller. Years pass by. The grist is ground, the mash steams, the wort simmers, the spirit trickles. And the angels get their share. The baton may get passed on, a new generation’s ideas, but Bruichladdich – the heart and soul of Bruichladdich – always remains reassuringly immune to time.

This spirit, stowed away in our loch-side warehouses, has slumbered for over two decades, respiring the invigorating marine air of the wild Atlantic. This is classic spirit, with the “Laddie” 10 and the 16, it shares a genealogy, a lineage and a philosophy that is the very essence of Bruichladdich.

Tasting Notes

Fantastic purity with a satiny smooth texture. Soft & mellow, the American oak has nourished the spirit well, its strength has made the 22 year journey a very pleasant experience, as you will discover

Luminous golden yellow

I cannot recall many single malts which have such a disarming and elegant bouquet. Sweet yellow fruits, drizzled with honey and crushed almonds, intertwine wonderfully with freshly picked summer flowers; together they rise serenely on the first pass. It’s a beautiful experience. Then, with a little aeration, it's custard cream and toasted barley, banana bread and vanilla fudge. Marzipan continues to rise, now mingling with a citric twist created by the big sleep beside the Atlantic ocean. The final notes are of the malt and oak, evolving together over 22 years, with the aromatics hinting at the natural beauty of this special place called Islay.

At first you feel the power of the spirit. Its taste spectrum is intriguing, with flavours coming together like the threads of a fine tweed. The harmonious aromatics have merged superbly to give a mouth-feel that is the absolute single malt taste experience. The vanilla oak and lemon and honey lead on the first sips, with the soft, yogurt-like fruit flavours a heartbeat behind. Then it’s that brilliant Abernethy Biscuit, a vanilla wafer, and then sparkling like a firecracker all around the taste buds comes that marine citrus meringue flavour. The palate is experiencing an all-time high, and boy is the heart uplifted. The soul is rejoicing and the spirits are soaring. This is truly a rarespirit of exceptional quality. To call it a classic does notcome close; one of the best Laddies I’ve ever evaluated.

There is no terminal, no finish. This will remain with you long after the bottle has gone.

Generous, larger than life.

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