Everyone's a critic, and so they should be

At Bruichladdich, we like to think that we consider all opinions valid, that each person who tastes our whiskies is a valid critic and that taste is subjective. And while we might dabble in the odd taste note from our head distiller or share a review from a blogger here and there, we know that our bread and butter is you at home, the ones who would swap their sister for a bottle of 1990/25 or hide the receipts for Black Art 5 from their other half.

It may come as no surprise then when we mention that we no longer enter any official whisky awards. It’s not that we don’t respect the expert opinion of the elected panel of judges, just that we no longer know how to place value on one body’s gold medal over another’s platinum medallion. We would much rather spend that £300+ entry free on opening bottles for you to try before you buy.

With this being said, we’ve been fortunate enough to receive two independent industry awards. Back in November, our 2nd edition Ten Year Olds were awarded Best Whisky International by the Interwhisky Team in Frankfurt. Our local German ambassador Ewald Stromer commented that “showing age statements again, full transparency and honest innovation were influential in winning this award, the feedback from everyone here has been absolutely overwhelming”.

More recently, we’ve been privileged to have our Classic Laddie named ‘Best New Spirit’ launched in Vintage Cellars. The prominent Aussie retailer’s spokesperson Jon Yarnall says, “The ‘Best of’ Awards is a celebration of the wine, beer, spirits and cider that captivated our palates over the past year and stood out from the pack”. Our head distiller Adam was particularly honoured on hearing the news, “When I first began working at Bruichladdich I could never have dreamt of winning awards for whisky I had created. I was happy just to be able to be involved in the story of Bruichladdich, happy to be rolling casks and working hard and learning skills that few people have the opportunity to learn… There are so many people who come together to create this whisky, everyone at the distillery plays a part and so I see it very much as we are winning awards for our whisky.”

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