The PS Racing Energy Challenge

We have now been supporting the ocean racing yachtsman Phil Sharp and the team at PS Racing since the #LengthofBritain challenge in December 2015.  There is no doubt that our enthusiasm for their endeavours is partly down to our simple love of sailing and the sea – but there is much more to it than the raw excitement of competition in extreme maritime conditions.

We are also fascinated by his Energy Challenge.  This is an idea based on the principle of marrying performance to sustainability. Is it possible to be genuinely competitive on the water whilst also supporting our precious environment?

Phil is engaged in the development of a hydrogen-electric, CO2-free, clean energy generation system. Modern racing yachts need electrical power to run their on-board de-salination, navigation and control equipment and this power is traditionally supplied from a heavy and polluting diesel generator.  The aim is to create is a lighter solution with greater energy security and reliability.

Sailing the Class40 'Imerys' the intention is for the yacht to have zero carbon emissions during 2017 while in race mode. The aim is for all the on board electronics to be powered by clean energy.

And the team's ambition does not stop there. By 2018 they are planning to see the integration of their hydrogen-electric system, which will also replace the on board diesel engine for motoring.


Clean technology in the marine boating sector is decades behind automotive, how is the Energy Challenge aiming to change all that?

The concept is based on integrating existing renewable technologies with hydrogen power generation and energy storage. Since 2014 PS Racing have been working with industry specialists across the world and have put together a syndicate to push the development forward, including engaging in MSc studies at the Energy Futures Lab of Imperial College in London.

Their ambition is advancing and demonstrating the performance capabilities of clean technologies and thereby aiding the transition of society to zero-carbon emissions.   It is an inspirational concept and we are proud to support it.


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