Original Booze Cruise

The word booze originates from Africa's earliest black civilisation, dating back around 5,000 years.

The Nubians are the people of northern Sudan and southern Egypt that first settled along the banks of the Nile at  Aswan.  They developed one of the oldest and greatest civilizations in Africa  that rivalled even that of the Pharaohs by cruising up and down the mighty river in falukas - single sail sailing boats - trading amongst other things, drink.

According to Burckhardt, a traveller up the Nile in 1816, they were  the original boozers: "The Nubians make bouza in abundance, in which they indulge in excess.  It is a liquor somewhat like beer, and it is extracted from Dhourra, or barley - although they profess the Mahometan faith, they are characterised as great drunkards."  Er, steady on there, but he adds: "The Nubians are industrious and in the most parts keep shops for the sale of bouza."

Presumably the first boozer, a quintessentially British invention, came some considerable time later on.

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