Inveraray, just 30 miles due east of Islay, has 80 inches of rain.  Islay has, on average, 50 inches.  London's average is 24 inches.   So Islay has 50% less rainfall than the mainland coast, but  double London's dousing.

The highest recorded figure was 75.82 inches in 1923, and the lowest was 37.59 in 1941.

When taken as 25 year averages, since 1886 when records began,  the averages have been remarkably consistent at 50 inches.

Nice to know that this is only 20% more than New York and 20% less than Tokyo - and a whopping 40% less than Paris Charles de Gaule.  In fact, it is the same rainfall  as... Sydney.

Though it has to be said, our rainfall is probably lighter - and more constant.

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