Stormy Weather

2011, the storm year.

Islay is a windy place at the best of times where a regular conveyor belt of Atlantic gales sweep in off the ocean during the winter months.


But there were five particularly big storms during the year: one the day after our open day in May; another the day after the launch of the Laddie 10. And then three during December and either side of New Year. The gods were frowning on our celebrations.

This last one was the most powerful with winds of Hurricane force 12, and gusts of 85 knots for a period of 30 minutes early on Tuesday morning, causing substantial damage to the distillery and warehouse roofs, and causing Island wide power cuts that endured for three days for some, disrupting communications.

The mash house roof lost it’s pagoda in entirety, as well as many slates, while at least forty roofing sheets were lost off warehouse roofs. Several barrels in the famous Bruichladdich sign at the distillery entrance were simply blown away. No one was hurt.

Repairs are being carried out which will not impact on the 2012 distillation program which started on Monday 9th with the 2011 harvest of Bere Barley.

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