bruichladdich Micro Provenance Cask #060

2006 X4 + 9 Fresh Bourbon

X4 + 9 Quadrupled distilled single cask whisky

Quadrupled distilled in 2006 in homage to 1695 Hebridean traveller Martin Martin, who wrote of an ancient powerful spirit, distilled four times and known as the "perilous whisky".

Bottled in 2015 this single cask from Warehouse 2 contains some of the most experimental Bruichladdich spirit ever made and never before released at this age. It has been matured full-term for 9 years in first fill fresh bourbon.

The Micro Provenance series is unique to Bruichladdich and is conceived as an exploration into cask evolution, each individually picked by head distiller Adam Hannett to explore the fine nuances of the Bruichladdich whisky and the effects of warehousing, oak, cask and micro-climate on maturing spirit.

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Number of bottles: 273

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