Welcome to the Harvey Family

We were delighted to welcome Robin Harvey and his extended family to the distillery yesterday.  Robin is the grandson of William Harvey, one of the three Harvey brothers who built Bruichladdich in 1881.   William’s brother Robert was the engineer, brother John was the distiller and William was the financier.  Robin was accompanied by his three daughters: Heather, Fiona and Val.    Also present were Fiona’s husband Andrew and their daughters Alexandra and Isabella and son Louis.  With Val were Martin and Nick Burns and Simon and Thomas Jenkin.  Looking after them all and making sure everyone had plenty of tea to drink was our very own General manager Duncan McGillivray.

The family is pictured in front of one of our wash stills, which, with due deference to the parable of your Grandfather's axe, dates back to when William, Robert and John built the distillery.  Slainte!

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