We Made It: Artist Grande Dame

by theartsdesk on 8th August 2015 in "We Made It"

One of the lessons we consistently learn from the makers and creators featured i...

We Made It: Rebecca Salter RA

by theartsdesk on 16th May 2015 in "We Made It"

In the past few years, the English abstract artist Rebecca Salter has definitely...

We Made It: Artist Joseph Popper

by theartsdesk on 9th May 2015 in "We Made It", Other stuff

Joseph Popper is probably, so far, the We Made It interviewee operating most squ...

We Made It: Digital Knitters Knyttan

by theartsdesk on 18th April 2015 in "We Made It"

Knitting has been increasingly fashionable in recent years, but a new company ar...

We Made It: Fashion Designer Anna Skodbo

by theartsdesk on 2nd March 2015 in "We Made It"

From high fashion to crowdfunded accessible clothing, from using urban free-runn...

We Made It: Furniture Designer & Maker Laszlo Beckett

by theartsdesk on 21st February 2015 in "We Made It"

South Londoner Laszlo Beckett has been making waves with his combination of hype...

We Made It: Set and Costume Designer Lise Marker

by theartsdesk on 14th February 2015 in "We Made It"

Danish-born Lise Marker is the perfect example of someone for whom a heirarchy b...

We Made It: The Bogányi Piano

by theartsdesk on 7th February 2015 in "We Made It"

We Made It has always been about the points where disciplines merge into one ano...

We Made It: Amelia Gregory and That Which We Do Not Understand

by theartsdesk on 12th December 2014 in "We Made It"

There’s a collection of prints from sixteen artists on the walls of Tatty Devi...

We Made It: Beardyman's Beardytron_5000mkIV

by theartsdesk on 21st November 2014 in "We Made It"

It can be easy to see craft and making as retrograde activities, or at least a r...

We Made It: Sub Pac Inventor John Alexiou

by theartsdesk on 14th November 2014 in "We Made It"

“Soundsystem culture” is a slippery concept, but it's also a very real motiv...

"We Made It": Robots

by theartsdesk on 29th October 2014 in "We Made It"

Street art, over the past few decades, has developed into a rich and diverse eco...

"We Made It": Woodhead Horns

by theartsdesk on 23rd October 2014 in "We Made It"

The men and women who bend, shape and bond wood and metal to make musical instru...

"We Made It": Waterford Crystal

by theartsdesk on 16th October 2014 in "We Made It"

Founded in the Republic of Ireland in 1783, Waterford used to be a brand only yo...

"We Made It": Photographer Brian David Stevens

by theartsdesk on 29th September 2014 in "We Made It"

We get a double dose of the We Made It ethos here....

"We Made It": Modelmaker Robbie Edwards

by theartsdesk on 10th September 2014 in "We Made It"

The Hollywood machine can be such a slick blend of high-tech and high-concept, i...

"We Made It": Make-up artist Nina Pratley

by theartsdesk on 31st August 2014 in "We Made It"

It's easy to forget among the pile up of high-tech and high-concept flash that H...



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