We Made It: Basket-Maker Lois Walpole

by theartsdesk on 21st March 2016 in "We Made It"

There’s a name for the abandoned fishing tackle that washes up on beaches around the world. It’s called “ghost gear” and it’s an environment...

We Made It: Horn Maker Tom Fisher

by theartsdesk on 21st March 2016 in "We Made It"

Ask anyone for the name of a violin or piano maker, and they’ll probably be able to summon up Stradivarius and Steinway. What about horns?...

We Made It: Ric Lipson, Stufish Entertainment Architects

by theartsdesk on 21st February 2016 in "We Made It"

While most set designers come from an art or theatre background, Ric Lipson has parlayed his architectural training into an unusual skillset: designin...

We Made It: 'Carol' costume designer Sandy Powell

by theartsdesk on 19th February 2016 in "We Made It"

If there is a successor to the great Hollywood costume designer Edith Head, it is Sandy Powell, the British designer of six films directed by Martin S...

We Made It: Stuntwoman Tracy Caudle

by theartsdesk on 7th February 2016 in "We Made It"

With a raft of high-quality digital effects available, real stunts might seem a little old-fashioned....

We Made It: 'The Revenant' Production Designer Jack Fisk

by theartsdesk on 7th February 2016 in "We Made It"

The Revenant's production designer Jack Fisk wasn’t required to build multiple sets for Alejandro González Iñárritu’s 1823 wilderness epic....

We Made It: Watchmaker Roger W. Smith

by theartsdesk on 12th December 2015 in "We Made It"

If there’s one thing the Swiss do better than chocolate and don’t-ask-don’t-tell banking, it’s watches. They’re world leaders and they know ...

We Made It: Concert hall acoustics

by theartsdesk on 29th November 2015 in "We Made It"

Glasgow has a brand new concert hall, and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra has a brand new home....

We Made It: Headcaster App

by theartsdesk on 21st November 2015 in "We Made It"

Is it possible for a mobile phone app to combine functionality with the highest standards of design and craftsmanship? Chris Chapman, the creator of t...

We Made It: Wildlife photographer Roger Hooper

by theartsdesk on 15th November 2015 in "We Made It"

Aged 64, Roger Hooper is still braving the Antarctic and plunging into the Amazon rainforests in search of that perfect photograph....

We Made It: Stage Designer John Napier

by theartsdesk on 8th November 2015 in "We Made It"

It may seem like a long way from Shakespeare to Siegfried and Roy, but John Napier has had a remarkable career in which high and low art come together...

We Made It: Designing DVD Covers

by theartsdesk on 19th October 2015 in "We Made It"

Starting out as a publisher of laser discs in 1984, Manhattan's Criterion Collection has become America’s most famous independent publisher of DVDs ...

We Made It: Cheesemaker James Montgomery

by theartsdesk on 10th October 2015 in "We Made It"

James Montgomery is a difficult man to pin down. When I first call to arrange an interview he’s too busy to talk....

We Made It: Glassblowers Stephen Gillies and Kate Jones

by theartsdesk on 4th October 2015 in "We Made It"

If your most successful creative collaboration as a couple is that tilting IKEA bookcase, prepare to be shamed: Stephen Gillies and Kate Jones have sp...

We Made It: Bespoke bike-builder Jake Rusby

by theartsdesk on 27th September 2015 in "We Made It"

I’m standing in a workshop in South London, surrounded by lumbering machinery, racks of tools and heavy, gas cylinders....

We Made It: Tin Man update the gamebook

by theartsdesk on 20th September 2015 in "We Made It"

Back in the 1980s, parents and teachers alike worried that a generation of kids would drift away from reading and be seduced by the immersive delights...

We Made It: Cameron Balloons

by theartsdesk on 11th September 2015 in "We Made It"

An air of busy calm greets me as I walk onto the top floor of Bristol’s Cameron Balloon factory....

We Made It: Ballet shoe creator Genevieve Smith-Nunes

by theartsdesk on 7th September 2015 in "We Made It"

What do you get when you cross classical ballet with computer coding? Wearable-tech en pointe shoes that light up as the ballerinas dance....

We Made It: Anna Willetts Birmingham Royal Ballet Costume Assistant

by theartsdesk on 30th August 2015 in "We Made It"

This year, Birmingham Royal Ballet celebrates 25 years in the city, during which time the company has presented more than 130 different ballets....

We Made It: Artist Grande Dame

by theartsdesk on 8th August 2015 in "We Made It"

One of the lessons we consistently learn from the makers and creators featured in We Made It is that necessity truly is the mother of invention....

We Made It: Coracle Maker Malcolm Rees

by theartsdesk on 25th July 2015 in "We Made It"

The coracles of South West Wales have changed little since pre-Roman times. Julius Caesar is said to have commented on the nimbleness of these one-man...

We Made It: Rebecca Salter RA

by theartsdesk on 16th May 2015 in "We Made It"

In the past few years, the English abstract artist Rebecca Salter has definitely made it....

We Made It: Artist Joseph Popper

by theartsdesk on 9th May 2015 in "We Made It"

Joseph Popper is probably, so far, the We Made It interviewee operating most squarely within the world of fine art: his work is weighty with concept a...

We Made It: Candle Maker Ted Thompson

by theartsdesk on 24th April 2015 in "We Made It"

Providing the Jacobean glow for the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse at Shakespeare's Globe has made quite a difference to Ted Thompson's candle-making operati...


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