New CEO roles for Simon Coughlin and Douglas Taylor

by Carl Reavey on 19th January 2017 in Our People

Simon Coughlin, who is currently our CEO at Bruichladdich, is taking over the ma...

Becky Codd's Valinch

by Jane Carswell on 17th January 2017 in Our People

Finishing High School on Islay before she was 16, and joining the Bruichladdich ...

10 Years Ago

by Jane Carswell on 2nd December 2016 in Our People, The Distillery

We've been celebrating the new release of our 2nd edition ten year olds from Bru...

Tina Looks Back

by Jane Carswell on 4th November 2016 in Our People, The Distillery

Things are a little more automated on the modern bottling lines, but bottling at...

Farewell George

by Jane Carswell on 28th October 2016 in Our People

We say goodbye this week to George Gutierrez from Texas, who has been helping ou...

John Evans' valinch

by Jane Carswell on 10th October 2016 in Our People

Five years ago this month, John Evans joined the team in the Bottling Hall at Br...

Julie Chalmers' valinch

by Jane Carswell on 29th August 2016 in Our People

'It's good, it's good, I love it here. I love it on Islay. I don't know anywhere...

Laddies at the Islay Show 2016

by Jane Carswell on 20th August 2016 in Place, Our People

It rained almost solidly through this year’s Islay Show, but that didn’t sta...

Jessica May Fletcher - Laddieshop Graduate

by Jane Carswell on 25th July 2016 in Our People

Jessica’s father’s family has farmed at Persabus, on the North East coast of...

What a success story

by Carl Reavey on 19th May 2016 in Our People, The Distillery

Seventy two people now work here, on site, at Bruichladdich Distillery, with a f...

Laddies support High School Breakfast Club

by Carl Reavey on 20th April 2016 in Our People, Other stuff

We are pleased to have been able to help with the funding of a popular ‘Breakf...

Artist, Fireman, Programmer - Andy Fisher

by Jane Carswell on 17th February 2016 in Our People

The multi-talented Andy Fisher is a self-taught programmer who is now our go-to ...

Sweden Visit Plain Sailing For Raymond

by John McCallum on 4th February 2016 in Our People

Raymond Tibbs has worked at Bruichladdich for almost five years, guiding tours f...

Jim McEwan tasting in Glasgow

by Carl Reavey on 6th January 2016 in Our People

Our friend Fraser Shaw was a sublimely gifted musician from Bruichladdich who pa...

Continuity and Change

by Carl Reavey on 13th October 2015 in Our People

There has been a sense of a changing of the guard at Bruichladdich with industry...

Jim McEwan in pictures

by Carl Reavey on 28th July 2015 in Our People

Jim McEwan linked arms with his wife Barbara, daughters Lynne and Lesley and fri...

Jim McEwan's Masterclass

by Carl Reavey on 29th May 2015 in Our People

Nobody in the business generates excitement quite like Jim McEwan.  His Masterc...

Whisky Island - A Tribute to Bob Simon

by Carl Reavey on 4th May 2015 in Our People

Bob Simon was a veteran US news correspondent who had reported from conflict zon...

Distilling legend Jim McEwan to retire in July

by Carl Reavey on 22nd April 2015 in Our People

Jim McEwan, our Production Director and Master Distiller, has announced that he ...

Win tickets to a Jim McEwan tasting in Paris

by Carl Reavey on 5th December 2014 in Our People, Other stuff

Voulez-vous assister à un événement exclusif mettant en vedette les nouveaux ...

It's a Family Affair

by Carl Reavey on 20th November 2014 in Our People

Josh Wood of Octofad Farm, near Nerabus on the Rhinns of Islay spent his first s...

The Budgie - 25 years at Bruichladdich

by Carl Reavey on 17th October 2014 in Our People, The Distillery

Duncan 'The Budgie' McFadyen, Senior Stillman at Bruichladdich, has been now wor...

Duncan McGillivray Retires

by Carl Reavey on 25th June 2014 in The Distillery, Our People

Bruichladdich General Manager Duncan McGillivray retires on Friday 27th June 201...


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