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The PS Racing Energy Challenge

We have now been supporting the ocean racing yachtsman Phil Sharp and the team at PS Racing since the #LengthofBritain challenge in Decemb

12127 6th April 2017 Phil Sharp Energy Challenge Carl Reavey Other stuff 24
We Made It: Basket-Maker Lois Walpole

There’s a name for the abandoned fishing tackle that washes up on beaches around the world. It’s called “ghost gear” and it’s an environmental disaster.

11228 21st March 2017 theartsdesk "We Made It", Other stuff 25
At Jonathan Lloyd's Studio

Following his spell at the distillery last year, artist Jonathan Lloyd has started the business of depicting Bruichladdich through the medium of printmaking with wood blocks.

12102 15th March 2017 Jonathan Lloyd printmaker works in progress Jane Carswell Other stuff 26
Carl's New Coat

Our head of communications, Carl Reavey, has been dry and warm cycling to work this winter from Port Charlotte thanks to a connection he made at the Birdfair with Dave Shand of Hilltrek.

12068 9th February 2017 Carl Reavey at Bruichladdich in Hilltrek Cuillin jacket Jane Carswell Other stuff 27
Jonathan Lloyd - Printmaker

Jonathan Lloyd, printmaker, visited us last year after volunteering to be our first ever woodcut-artist in residence. We asked him a few questions about how the distillery looks through his eyes.

12061 1st February 2017 Jonathan Lloyd artist in residence at Bruichladdich Jane Carswell The Distillery, Other stuff 28
Phil Sharp's Channel Record is Ratified by WSSRC

The World Sailing Speed Record Council ("WSSRC") has officially ratified a new Cowes to Dinard monohull world record for yachtsman Phil Sharp and his Class 40 'Imerys'.

11804 7th December 2016 Phil Sharp Carl Reavey Other stuff 29
We Made It: Salmon-smoker Ole Martin-Hansen

Norwegian-born Ole Martin-Hansen is one of the rare breed of food professionals for whom hand-on preparation is not just a lifestyle trend or a method for cynically adding value, but a way of life.

2012 28th November 2016 Ole Martin-Hansen in his smokehouse theartsdesk "We Made It", Other stuff 30
Phil Sharp smashes #ChannelRecord

Phil Sharp has established a new World Speed Sailing Monohull Record, single-handed across the English Channel from Cowes, Isle of Wight to Dinard, France in 9 hours and 3 minutes, subject to ratification by the World Speed Sailing Record Council

11796 25th November 2016 #ChannelRecord #sailing Phil Sharp Carl Reavey Other stuff 31
Alex Ellis Roswell and the RNLI

“The hill, though high, I covet to ascend; The difficulty will not me offend, For I perceive the way to life lies here." John Bunyan

11752 8th November 2016 Alex Ellis Roswell walking Britain Jane Carswell The Distillery, Other stuff 32
Heavy weather in the Normandy

Skipper Phil Sharp reports from aboard his yacht 'IMERYS' in the Normandy Channel Race: "Currently we're screaming down a wave at 20knots, and averaging between 18-19knots, it's insane, the boat is like a wild animal!

11633 14th September 2016 "IMERYS" Carl Reavey Other stuff 33
Yachtsman Phil Sharp prepares for the ‘Normandy’

Sunday the 11th of September will see a record 30 Class 40 boats on the start line of the Normandy Channel Race.  This is a double-handed 1000nm endurance sailing adventure starting and e

11622 8th September 2016 The Normandy Channel Race Route Carl Reavey Other stuff 34
What drives Phil Sharp?

Ted Heath memorably described ocean racing as being like standing under a cold shower tearing up £10 notes. What’s the appeal for yachtsman Phil Sharp?

11519 17th August 2016 Phil Sharp and Rebecca Linder Carl Reavey Other stuff 35
The finish of the Transat Quebec-St Malo

Bruichladdich are proud supporters of the Phil Sharp Racing team and their Class 40 yacht 'Imerys'.

11436 25th July 2016 'Tales II' - winner of the TransatQSM Carl Reavey Other stuff 36
Last day of the TransatQSM

Phil Sharp has sent us what will probably be his last blog post from his Class 40 yacht 'Imerys' as the Transat Quebec-St Malo reaches its climax.

11435 22nd July 2016 Light winds and close racing Carl Reavey Other stuff 37
Talking to the skipper aboard 'Imerys'

Rebecca Linder, Marketing and Communications director at Phil Sharp Racing, talks to the skipper aboard 'Imerys' in the North Atlantic as the yacht enters the final stages of the Transat Quebec-St Malo.

11432 21st July 2016 Adrien Hardy, Milan Kolacek and Phil Sharp Carl Reavey Other stuff 38
More sail problems aboard 'Imerys'

Skipper Phil Sharp writes from aboard 'Imerys' in the North Atlantic: "We are now at over half distance in the Transat Quebec - St Malo and in second place behind the Spanish on Tales II.

11429 19th July 2016 Phil Sharp at the helm Carl Reavey Other stuff 39
'Imerys' Spinnaker splits in TRANSATQSM

We are now at over half distance in the Transat Quebec - St Malo and in second place behind the Spanish on Tales II. The last few days have been seriously wild with some incredibly fast downwind sailing.

11418 18th July 2016 Adrien, Phil and Milan Carl Reavey Other stuff 40
Phil Sharp's Blog - Day 6 of the TransatQSM

"I have just come off the helm after probably some  of the most exhilarating sailing you could ever ask  for. Conditions are downwind, 25 kts wind,  fractional spinnaker, and we are blasting down  waves average of 17kts.

11417 16th July 2016 Carl Reavey Other stuff 41
Adrien's Birthday aboard Imerys

All is going well aboard Imerys and we are now out of the St Lawrence River and charging towards our next mark - the island of St Pierre, off the south  coast of Newfoundland and some 250 miles away.  As I write this, Milan is at the helm and has

11414 14th July 2016 Carl Reavey Other stuff 42


11413 12th July 2016 Yacht Class 40 Imerys Carl Reavey Other stuff 43
The awesome Three Peaks Yacht Race

The Three Peaks Yacht Race is a tough endurance event in which teams of four or five, based on yachts, set sail from Barmouth and sequentially despatch runners to climb to the sum

11346 9th June 2016 Close racing at the start Carl Reavey Other stuff 44
The Scottish Series 2016

Bruichladdich and The Botanist will be supporting the Silvers Marine Scottish Series of yacht races once again this year.

11325 26th May 2016 The Scottish Series Carl Reavey Other stuff 45
Phil's Battle of The Atlantic

Phil Sharp is facing significant problems in The Transat bakerly as he tries to complete the single handed race across the Atlantic.

11314 17th May 2016 Imerys Mainsail damage Carl Reavey Other stuff 46
Transat Update from Phil Sharp

Reporting from his Class40 yacht Imerys, Phil Sharp comments on a difficult 24 hours following problems with his spinnaker and looks to ride the top of a gusty depression:

11292 5th May 2016 Phil Sharp wet and exhausted after rescuing spinnaker Christy McFarlane Other stuff 47