Flitboats, Puffers and Horse and Cart

by Carl Reavey on 25th June 2012 in On Barley, Exploring History

This picture shows men unloading sacks of barley destined for Loch Indaal Distillery from a small 'flitboat' on to horse drawn carts just off Port Cha...

Is There An E in Whisky?

by Carl Reavey on 19th June 2012 in Talking Whisky, Exploring History

Three times no. At least as far as Bruichladdich is concerned. 'Whisky' is the Anglicised corruption of the Gaelic word for water, uisge. Uisge beatha...

Harvest at Octomore Farm

by Carl Reavey on 6th June 2012 in Exploring History, Place

This picture shows fields at Octomore Farm during the harvest, high above the village of Port Charlotte on Islay.  The lady, dressed in the clothes ...

Tuscania and Otranto - Tragedy at the Lochindaal Distillery

by Carl Reavey on 3rd June 2012 in Exploring History

This picture is one of the best we have of the old Loch Indaal Distillery in Port Charlotte.  Unfortunately it was taken in tragic circumstances....

The Octomore Story

by Carl Reavey on 30th April 2012 in The Distillery, Exploring History, Place

In a wood in Bridgend, tucked away off the road, there is a damp, stone monument encrusted in a vibrant orange lichen there is a grave. Scrape away ...

Port Charlotte c.1890

by Mark Reynier on 4th April 2012 in Place, Exploring History

Some great photographs of Port Charlotte village and distillery have come to light. John Rucklidge posted on the internet some photos of Port Charlott...

Geology of Islay

by Mark Reynier on 29th February 2012 in Talking Whisky, Exploring History

Whisky on the Rocks, published by the British Geological Survey, claims that Bruichladdich’s whisky ‘milks the rocks of South America’....

The Scots & Renegade Rum

by Carl Reavey on 1st November 2011 in Exploring History

Two rums on offer are from distilleries that were originally developed by Scots.  In 1790, it was believed that a third of all Europeans in the Carib...

The Bruichladdich Name

by Carl Reavey on 6th September 2011 in The Distillery, Exploring History

Bruichladdich is one of the fifty most unpronounceable names in Scotland according to the Scottish Miscellany.  ...

Why Islay?

by Carl Reavey on 15th March 2011 in Place, Exploring History

Islay is one of the four original whisky "regions"....

Child's Play

by Mark Reynier on 8th January 2009 in Exploring History

The Vikings were a tough bunch, both at work and at leisure.   When they went on the 794 tour of the Hebrides the natives tended to sit up and notice...

Islay Pata Negra

by Mark Reynier on 8th January 2009 in Exploring History

To get Pata Negra one needs to go to South-Western Spain....

Original Booze Cruise

by Carl Reavey on 13th November 2008 in Exploring History

The word booze originates from Africa's earliest black civilisation, dating back around 5,000 years....

Cockleshell Hero

by Carl Reavey on 25th September 2008 in Exploring History, Our People

Lord Astor's hunting lodge, at the head of West Loch Tarbert, has an interesting  map on the wall signed by the artist,  B. Hasler....


by Carl Reavey on 18th September 2008 in Exploring History

A puffer was the lifeline of island communities; a shallow-drought, commercial  steam boat capable of  ferrying goods and commodities to and from th...

Islay History - 1881

by Mark Reynier on 7th February 2008 in Place, Exploring History

This article from the Oban Times, November 1881 announces the imminent opening of Bruichladdich distillery, Phonetically spelled "Bruichachladdie"....

The Oldest Scottish Distiller

by Mark Reynier on 19th December 2007 in Talking Whisky, Exploring History

A new search has been launched to find Scotland’s oldest whisky distillery by the University Of Glasgow....



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