The Organic Perspective

by Carl Reavey on 20th December 2017 in On Barley, Talking Whisky, Exploring History

We have now been distilling organic grain since 2003, fourteen years t...

Bere Pioneers - The Agronomy Institute of Orkney College-UHI

by Carl Reavey on 19th December 2017 in On Barley, Our People

Bere is important.  There are three fundamental reasons for this....

2017 Bere Harvest – "The Year Of The Skegs"

by Carl Reavey on 19th December 2017 in On Barley, Our People

Peter Martin and John Wishart of the Agronomy Institure of Orkney College/UHI in...

1000 Hills Distillery - Kigali, Rwanda

by Sara Parkin on 12th December 2017 in Place, Our People, Talking Whisky

In my self-appointed role as scout for distilling talent in unexpected places, w...

A sleepy little backwater?

by Iain Morrison on 11th December 2017 in Our People, Exploring History

Many moons ago the Scotland rugby giant that is Ian “Mighty Mouse” McLauchla...

Robert Harvey's Bag

by Jane Carswell on 8th December 2017 in The Distillery

A piece of history was returned to the distillery recently; the Gladstone-style ...

New Releases illustrate the "What, Where and How" of Barley Provenance

by Carl Reavey on 6th December 2017 in On Barley, Talking Whisky

Single malt Scotch whiskies have traditionally been presented accompanied by age...

Bruichladdich distil spirit from Islay-grown rye

by Jane Carswell on 1st December 2017 in On Barley, Talking Whisky

Production director Allan Logan and head distiller Adam Hannett of Bruichladdich...

Global launch of The Organic 2009

by Carl Reavey on 30th November 2017 in On Barley, Talking Whisky

 Bruichladdich - 'The Organic 2009'...

In the Doldrums with the Fishes

by Carl Reavey on 17th November 2017 in Other stuff

After eleven days of racing and 3,000 miles of ocean in the Transat Jacques Vabr...

Carlo Petrini and Slow Food

by Iain Morrison on 17th November 2017

He is 68, bald and bearded yet treated like a rock star in his native Italy wher...

Join Phil and Pablo in a Dram as they cross the equator!

by Carl Reavey on 14th November 2017 in Other stuff

The epic Transat Jacques Vabre yacht race from Le Havre in France to Salvador de...

Frazer Matthews' Valinch

by Jane Carswell on 9th November 2017 in The Distillery

Having turned 21 last month, Frazer recognises the extra freedom that a childhoo...

Announcing our Rare Cask Series

by Carl Reavey on 6th November 2017 in Talking Whisky

Head distiller Adam Hannett has released a series of three very old Bruichladdic...

Of Moats, Duck Houses and Transparency

by Iain Morrison on 31st October 2017 in Talking Whisky

My how we chuckled, a few years ago now, when the revelations about British poli...

Ian, Derek, and 1881 other fans

by Jane Carswell on 15th October 2017 in The Distillery

"From the first time I walked through the doors at the distillery, I knew that t...

Preparing to sail the TJV - France to Brazil

by Carl Reavey on 9th October 2017 in Other stuff

Phil Sharp and the team from PS Racing are busy preparing for the 13th edition o...

Roddy MacEachern's Valinch

by Jane Carswell on 2nd October 2017 in Our People

Now we come to think about it, Roddy MacEachern’s job title of “IT assistant...

#LaddieMP7 and changes to #LaddieMP8

by Christy McFarlane on 20th September 2017 in Talking Whisky

The latest in our series of in-depth tastings with head distiller Adam Hannett, ...

"Whiskies Galore" by Ian Buxton

by Carl Reavey on 15th September 2017 in Other stuff

Drinks writer Ian Buxton’s latest book is cheekily titled “Whiskies Galore...


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