When is a sherry butt not a sherry butt?

by Carl Reavey on 14th April 2017 in Talking Whisky

When the English admiral/pirate Francis Drake sacked Cadiz in 1587 he seized/sto...

The PS Racing Energy Challenge

by Carl Reavey on 6th April 2017 in Other stuff

We have now been supporting the ocean racing yachtsman Phil Sharp and the team a...

What does Hebridean mean?

by Jane Carswell on 22nd March 2017 in Place

Literally,  “Hebridean”  describes the 500 islands off the West of Scotlan...

Allan Logan interview: our regional trials

by Jane Carswell on 20th March 2017

We've just finished distilling the barley from three discrete regions of the Sco...

At Jonathan Lloyd's Studio

by Jane Carswell on 15th March 2017 in Other stuff

Following his spell at the distillery last year, artist Jonathan Lloyd has start...

Regional Trials

by Jane Carswell on 14th March 2017 in On Barley

Ever since our resurrection in 2001, Bruichladdich has insisted on 100% Islay ma...

Painted Heads

by Jane Carswell on 10th March 2017 in The Distillery

The end of "head" of a fresh cask which we are filling for the first time with w...

The new Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2010

by Carl Reavey on 3rd March 2017 in Talking Whisky

We are proud to announce the latest release of unpeated...

Announcing "Octomore OBA Concept"

by Carl Reavey on 13th February 2017 in Talking Whisky

3,000 x 500ml bottles offered en primeur. Octomore OBA Concept? Curiouser and cu...

Carl's New Coat

by Jane Carswell on 9th February 2017 in Other stuff

Our head of communications, Carl Reavey, has been dry and warm cycling to work t...

Jonathan Lloyd - Printmaker

by Jane Carswell on 1st February 2017 in The Distillery, Other stuff

Jonathan Lloyd, printmaker, visited us last year after volunteering to be our fi...

Research into whisky maturation

by Jane Carswell on 1st February 2017 in The Distillery, Talking Whisky

Professor Otto Hermelin of Stockholm University is nearing the halfway point of ...

Bere Barley - some notes

by Dr Peter Martin on 31st January 2017 in On Barley

Bere differs in many ways from modern barley varieties:...

New CEO roles for Simon Coughlin and Douglas Taylor

by Carl Reavey on 19th January 2017 in Our People

Simon Coughlin, who is currently our CEO at Bruichladdich, is taking over the ma...

Becky Codd's Valinch

by Jane Carswell on 17th January 2017 in Our People

Finishing High School on Islay before she was 16, and joining the Bruichladdich ...

Announcing #LaddieMP6

by Carl Reavey on 16th January 2017 in Talking Whisky

http://www.bruichladdich.com/join-usThose with an informed appreciation of Octom...

Bob 'Tug' Wilson, the gauger

by Jane Carswell on 13th January 2017 in The Distillery

Bob Wilson, or "Tug" as his Southern colleagues first called him when he was wor...

Transparency - the next step

by Carl Reavey on 12th January 2017 in Talking Whisky

Bruichladdich CEO Simon Coughlin has announced the next stage in our programme t...

Transparency in "Whisky"

by Carl Reavey on 6th January 2017 in Talking Whisky

“There seems, in fact, to be something rather like a conspiracy of silence amo...

You cannot keep a good man down...

by Carl Reavey on 1st January 2017

Jim McEwan, our former master distiller, is co...

More Buying Options for the United States

by Christy McFarlane on 12th December 2016 in Talking Whisky

We are pleased to announce that LaddieFans in the United States will now have mo...


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