Bruichladdich Black Art Edition 07.1

Bruichladdich Black ArtBlack Art 1994 Edition:07.1 / 25 Aged Years

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Single malt whisky has the unique ability to capture and preserve a snapshot in time. This edition of our Black Art, 07.1, is symbolic of a moment in time that should not be forgotten. Signifying the end of an era, 1994 was the year Bruichladdich was closed for what could have been the last time.

“This spirit endured in Bruichladdich’s warehouses when the distillery had been forgotten. The quality of the liquid after 25 years is a significant sign of guardianship passing from one generation to the next. I feel quite honoured to have worked with it.”

– Head Distiller, Adam Hannett

Black ArtBlack Art 1994 Edition:07.1 / 25 Aged Years

Tasting Notes

Nose – Unbelievable complexity, each cask that has played a role in maturing this whisky has a presence, the aromas lift from the glass in an almost orderly procession. First a rich marzipan, then walnut, crème caramel, turkish delight, hints of strawberry, violet, and coconut. There is a heavy fruit style with plum, poached pears, raisin and grapefruit and after opening further wood spice, nutmeg, toasted oak, roasted coffee beans, and muscovado sugar. An absolute delight to nose and discover the depth of flavour.

Palate – A little sharpness is a nod to the strength but quickly the satin texture covers the palate to give a viscous, round mouthfeel. The oak’s power and poise give a hint of dryness but also waves of coconut, Turkish delight, soft caramel, and spiced orange. The layers of oak and fruit that come through softly melt into one another; each sip brings a new level of discovery within this most complex of assemblages. While on the palate there appears less complexity than on the nose, an important balance, texture, and defined style serves to highlight the aromatic aspect of this whisky.

Finish – It seems that this whisky will go on forever, the incredible viscous texture of this whisky extends the finish and it lingers on the palate. Roasted nuts, then tropical fruit, baked pineapple, and butterscotch give a sweetness that is sure to be remembered.

Mood – As ever the mystery of its creation serves to intrigue. Black Art 07.1 gives a moment to reflect on the past and to welcome the possibilities of the future.

Colour – Tawny.

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Black Art 07.1

distillery notes

– Seventh in limited edition series
– Adam’s third Black Art release
– 1994 vintage
– 25 years old
– Un-peated Islay single malt scotch whisky
– Cask type – only Adam knows
– Cask strength of 48.4%
– 12,000 individually numbered bottles
– Matured entirely on Islay
– Non chill filtered & colouring free

Bruichladdich Distillery
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