Bruichladdich Yellow Submarine 1991 WMDIII

Bruichladdich Yellow Submarine 1991 WMD III / 25 Islay Aged Years


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To celebrate the return of the Yellow Submarine to its spiritual home, head distiller Adam Hannett has hunted out the last parcel of that original 1991 spirit, now at a sublime 25 years old, and presented here as “WMD III” – a nod to those wild early days of a renegade distillery, and a spirit that lives on today here on the Rhinns of Islay. Yellow Submarine, we salute you. 1,991 bottles only.

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Yellow Submarine 1991

WMD III: The legend resurfaces.

the very last of the infamous “yellow sub” 1991


WMDIII: The Legend Resurfaces

Since losing our iconic copper still from outside the distillery, we’ve been in need of a new emblem. Help was at hand in the form of our friend John Gamble. He called us to tell us that “The Yellow Submarine is for sale on eBay!” The hi-tech vessel that had spent its working life defending the nation is now obsolete – and surplus to requirements. So we bought it. It would have been rude not to.

Our Yellow Submarine now sits proudly outside the distillery, occasionally migrating round the site like a fluorescent Adonis. Those who have followed our journey along the years will smile knowingly at such a symbol. Many others will be baffled by its presence. What does military memorabilia have to do with the staunch world of single malt whisky anyway? Well, not much really, except that it’s a hark back to the glory days, the rock n roll era of Bruichladdich, when upsetting the status quo was just as likely as the Beatles selling out Wembley.

Somewhere in our depths, these defiant days live on. Our sense of humour remains… and so, we present to you, the lucky few, WMDIII: The Legend Resurfaces.

This really IS the stuff of legend. Adam Hannett has hunted out the last parcel of THE original 1991 spirit, now at a sublime 25 years old. Originally filled into refill sherry casks, this unpeated Bruichladdich spirit was then transferred into Spanish red wine casks in 2006. This third iteration has been balanced with refill bourbon casks, just as its predecessors.

1,991 bottles have been liberated from our warehouses to make their way to you. These few bottles may well be the very last you see of the notorious WMD…

Bruichladdich Distillery
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