Micro Provenance Cask 007-2004

Bruichladdich Micro Provenance Cask #007 10 Islay Aged years / Ribera del Duero

Distilled in 2004, bottled in 2015. This single cask from Warehouse 11 contains Bruichladdich spirit matured full term for ten years in European oak that previously held wine from the Duero valley, one of Spain’s Denominación de Origen on the northern plateau. The Micro Provenance series is unique to Bruichladdich and is conceived as an exploration into cask evolution, each individually picked by master distiller Jim McEwan to explore the fine nuances of the Bruichladdich whisky and the effects of warehousing, oak, cask and micro-climate on maturing spirit.

Micro Provenance Cask 007

Tasting Notes

Character – It is rich, warm and potent, strong but not aggressive. Roundly texture and packed with flavour. The viscosity is like syrup; the house style of Bruichladdich

Colour – Dazzling tangerine marmalade.

Nose – The bouquet speaks of most succulent fruits you can imagine; cantaloupe melon, peach, apricot, plump ripe red grapes with a hint of dark plums surrounded by freshly picked mint, primrose, orange and lemon peel in the warmth of a midsummers day. Embracing the fruit in the vanilla basket is the sweetness of the toasted barley and of course mellow oak sugars from the casks.

Palate – The malty, oak flavours give a biscuit creamy citrus buttery flavour to the spirit with tastes of honey and toffee. They provide the traditional flavours of Bruichladdich. It’s a gorgeous complex creation which lies on the tongue like morning dew on a pasture. As the spirit warms, the fruit notes emerge on the warmth of the palate more evident than on the nose. It’s nirvana on the tongue. The combination completely won me over.

Finish – There is strength and finesse, elegant and full of latent power, oodles of succulent fruit and mellow tannins that hold the structure beautifully in harmony.

Mood – The warmth of Spain and the wildness of Islay together as one. A captivating experience.

Bruichladdich Distillery
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