Shipping & Delivery Information [USA]

Last Updated 7th June 2021.

Please note that whilst we endeavour to keep this page up to date in order to reflect any changes in our shipping coverage to specific geographies or recent restrictions, there may be times where the information on this page is temporarily out of date, whilst we are in the process of updating it.

We are happy to offer customers within the USA the ability to buy and receive our Global Releases from licenced retailers within the Reserve Bar network. This means that whisky purchases will be fulfilled and shipped within the USA, with lower charges and faster delivery than shipping overseas from Scotland*.

Shipping through the Bruichladdich Reserve Bar-powered platform is available to the following States:

Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Caroline, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Please note that State availability by product may vary within the full range of releases available.

All orders are fulfilled and delivered by licensed retailers within the Reserve Bar network, with a Ground Shipping delivery window of 5-7 Business Days (Monday-Friday). Transactions are made directly with Reserve Bar, including shipping costs and timescales, and subject to the Reserve Bar Terms and Conditions and Delivery terms.

*Bruichladdich Distillery is not responsible for the delivery of orders through the Reserve Bar network and therefore does not and cannot guarantee costs and timescales.

Releases that are available through the Reserve Bar network are signposted as Global Releases. Any customers within the US that choose to purchase available products on the Reserve Bar network will be directed to the website to complete their purchase and to browse or add any other items to their basket. We do not currently sell accessories or merchandise through the Reserve Bar platform.

The Distillery Online Shop (the Laddie Shop) continues to ship to the following States within the USA for Distillery Exclusives and other select releases not available through the Reserve Bar network:

Alaska, California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Wyoming

If you wish to add a Global Release to a planned purchase from the Laddie Shop, please switch to the Global site mode in the header or footer of website and you will be able to do so without being referred to

All prices for products purchased from the Laddie Shop will be displayed in GBP. As with all purchases direct from the Distillery to the United States, orders will be subject to taxes, shipping costs and shipping taxes.

As a result of Brexit, additional charges will be applied to all orders shipping to countries within the EU. These will include a £4.50 (including UK VAT) Brexit Surcharge from our courier, and an additional £6 (including UK VAT) for Customs Clearance that is payable at checkout. These will show as a handling charge in your order. Please note that packages above €150 may be liable to additional import charges on delivery which will be payable by the customer.

We are also temporarily unable to ship whisky products to France Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Sweden. If you reside in any of these countries but wish to ship orders to another country within the EU (or other countries that we fulfil to) that is still possible. Simply fill in your billing address as normal at checkout and select to deliver to a different address.

The full catalogue of Laddie Shop whiskies, gift sets and merchandise (subject to availability) can currently be shipped to:

Australia, Brazil, Canada (Alberta only), China, Cyprus, Hong Kong SAR (China), India, Isle of Man, Israel, Japan, Macao SAR (China), Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan (China), Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

While we cannot ship alcohol to the following countries, orders of Laddie merchandise can be delivered to addresses within France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden and Turkey.

Standard shipping timescales by delivery destination are as follows but are not guaranteed:

UK – up to 7 working days
EU – up to 14 working days
ROW – 14 to 20 working days

Deliveries are made during business hours on Monday to Friday. To ensure prompt delivery, someone must be present to sign for the parcel. If no-one is available to sign for the parcel, our delivery company will leave a contact card with instructions for you to call your local depot. If you do not call your local depot, the parcel will be returned to us after a week – the cost of which will be passed on to the you. If the parcel is returned to us and you do not wish us to re-send it, only the cost of the product minus the initial delivery charge and the return charge will be refunded. To re-send the parcel will incur a further delivery charge. Please contact the local depot / post office as soon as a card is received to re-arrange delivery or collection.

For any single malt releases sold by ballot, the general delivery and shipping information applies with respect to shipping destinations, taxes, timescales and advice. However, due to the nature of the ballot entry and purchase process, we are unable to combine orders of general release products from the Laddie Shop with balloted releases. All successful ballot entries will be automatically processed as a unique transaction, pre-authorised by customers in advance. Please see our Terms and Conditions of Sale for further details.

Countries & US States we can currently ship to

Countries & States we can currently ship to

⁃ Alaska AK
⁃ California CA
⁃ Conneticut CT
⁃ Delaware DE
⁃ District of Columbia DC
⁃ Florida FL
⁃ Idaho ID
⁃ Louisiana LA
⁃ Maine ME
⁃ Maryland MD
⁃ Massachusetts MA
⁃ Nebraska NE
⁃ New Jersey NJ
⁃ New Mexico NM
⁃ New York NY
⁃ Oregon OR
⁃ Rhode Island RI
⁃ Texas TX
⁃ Vermont VT
⁃ Virginia VA
⁃ Wyoming WY

⁃ Austria
⁃ Belgium
⁃ Bulgaria
⁃ The Czech Republic
⁃ Denmark
⁃ Estonia
⁃ France (Non-alcoholic products only)
⁃ Finland
⁃ Germany
⁃ Greece (Non-alcoholic products only)
⁃ Hungary
⁃ Ireland
⁃ Italy (Non-alcoholic products only)
⁃ Latvia
⁃ Lithuania
⁃ Luxembourg
⁃ The Netherlands
⁃ Noway
⁃ Poland (Non-alcoholic products only)
⁃ Portugal
⁃ Romania
⁃ Slovenia
⁃ Slovakia (Non-alcoholic products only)
⁃ Spain (Non-alcoholic products only)
⁃ Switzerland
⁃ Sweden (Non-alcoholic products only)

⁃ Australia
⁃ Brazil
⁃ Canada (Alberta)
⁃ Cyprus
⁃ Hong Kong SAR (China)
⁃ India
⁃ Isle of Man
⁃ Israel
⁃ Japan
⁃ Macao SAR (China)
⁃ Malaysia
⁃ New Zealand
⁃ Singapore
⁃ South Africa
⁃ South Korea
⁃ Taiwan (China)
⁃ Thailand
⁃ Turkey
⁃ Ukraine
⁃ United Arab Emirates
⁃ United Kingdom

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