Wednesday 23rd August 2017
18:30 PM

Bruichladdich Coterie, Melbourne

Less Than Zero, 153 Commercial Road, South Yarra, Australia


Bruichladdich Coterie, Melbourne

“Rejecting the notion of large company-driven Scotch Whisky, Bruichladdich are the true artisans of Islay, true non-conformist who spare nothing to achieve greatness in whisky.”

Join Less Than Zero this August as they host a night exploring the ethos of Bruichladdich, doing so through “learning by sipping”.

Taking place on 23rd August at 6.30pm, the night looks set to offer an entertaining and informative exploration into the distillery and what it stands for.


Booking is essential; to contact the bar for more information, email at, or phone 0499 050 234.