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As a result of Brexit, additional charges will include a £4.50 (inc UK VAT) Brexit Surcharge from our courier, and an additional £6 (inc UK VAT) for Customs Clearance will be payable at checkout. These will show as a handling charge in your order.

Please note that packages above €150 may be liable to additional import charges on delivery which will be payable by the customer.

Orders for delivery to addresses in Spain and Finland will not include VAT at the checkout, with taxes due to be paid by the customer upon delivery.

Orders to the EU are also now subject to additional customs clearance. DHL may contact

you for further information on your order prior to delivery, which will be provided locally. If you need any assistance contact us.

Orders to Australia are liable to additional import taxes on delivery which will be payable by the customer. The totals and breakdown shown in the basket for orders to Australia include the cost of the goods, shipping and shipping taxes only and do not include any additional taxes to be paid locally.

Countries & States we can currently ship to

⁃ Alaska AK
⁃ California CA
⁃ Conneticut CT
⁃ Delaware DE
⁃ District of Columbia DC
⁃ Florida FL
⁃ Idaho ID
⁃ Louisiana LA
⁃ Maine ME
⁃ Maryland MD
⁃ Massachusetts MA
⁃ Nebraska NE
⁃ New Jersey NJ
⁃ New Mexico NM
⁃ New York NY
⁃ Oregon OR
⁃ Rhode Island RI
⁃ Texas TX
⁃ Vermont VT
⁃ Virginia VA
⁃ Wyoming WY

⁃ Austria
⁃ Belgium
⁃ Bulgaria
⁃ The Czech Republic
⁃ Denmark
⁃ Estonia
⁃ France (Non-alcoholic products only)
⁃ Finland
⁃ Germany
⁃ Greece (Non-alcoholic products only)
⁃ Hungary
⁃ Ireland
⁃ Italy (Non-alcoholic products only)
⁃ Latvia
⁃ Lithuania
⁃ Luxembourg
⁃ The Netherlands
⁃ Noway
⁃ Poland (Non-alcoholic products only)
⁃ Portugal
⁃ Romania
⁃ Slovenia
⁃ Slovakia (Non-alcoholic products only)
⁃ Spain (Non-alcoholic products only)
⁃ Switzerland
⁃ Sweden (Non-alcoholic products only)

⁃ Australia
⁃ Brazil
⁃ Canada (Alberta)
⁃ Cyprus
⁃ Hong Kong SAR (China)
⁃ India
⁃ Isle of Man
⁃ Israel
⁃ Japan
⁃ Macao SAR (China)
⁃ Malaysia
⁃ New Zealand
⁃ Singapore
⁃ South Africa
⁃ South Korea
⁃ Taiwan (China)
⁃ Thailand
⁃ Turkey
⁃ Ukraine
⁃ United Arab Emirates
⁃ United Kingdom


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