bruichladdich GOLDER STILL

Bruichladdich GOLDER STILL

The elegance and fruit of bruichladdich spirit marries well with bourbon casks. indeed a marriage, if not made in heaven,made on islay - as the legendary 1970 bottling has shown.

A rare limited edition, unique in that the classic 1984 spirit was matured in unusual, hand-made squat American Bourbon hogsheads – experimental "dumpy" casks that American coopers flirted with briefly in the eighties. This extra wood contact has produced a spirit reminiscent of an older style of whisky, an alluring and haunting barley sugar character of a bygone age. Bottled at a cask strength of 52%.

Tasting Notes

Medium weight, clean as a whistle with a marble smooth texture. Mellow and supple with excellent clarity. From a run of experimental, dumpy, squat puncheons that increased the wood to spirit ratio.

Liquid Gold.

Layered and seductive aromas opening with mature malted barley biscuity notes. Drifts of lanolin and vanilla, followed by yellow fruits. All underpinned by distinctive marine aromas. Warm sand, sea sprays and canvas sails encased by mellow American oak.

Appealingly harmonious. On entry the spirit reveals a compelling hand-made quality that only slow distillation can create. The integration of barley sugar, light oak, almond and buttery toffee in harmony with warm barley and bourbon sweet oak is slipstreamed by coastal sea breezes.

Incredibly long, sweet and super mellow. The flavour coming back for encore after encore, never wanting to leave the stage. It will gently win your affections with its purity and Islay warmth and integrity.

Mellow. Patient, quiet and slightly demure. Take your time - you just know you are in the presence of an iconic single malt. A taste experience you will long remember.

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