bruichladdich Micro Provenance Cask #014

2007 Islay Barley Fresh Oak

Bruichladdich Micro Provenance Single Cask Whisky. 2007 Islay Barley. Fresh Oak.

Distilled in 2007, bottled in 2015. This single cask is the first ever release of the 2007 harvest of Islay Barley, matured in fresh oak. The barley was grown at Rockside Farm on the wild west coast of the Rhinns by Mark and Rohaise French.

The Micro Provenance series is unique to Bruichladdich and is conceived as an exploration into cask evolution, each were individually picked by retired Master Distiller Jim McEwan to explore the fine nuances of the Bruichladdich whisky and the effects of warehousing, oak, cask and micro-climate on maturing spirit.

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Number of bottles: 468

Tasting Notes

The pulse is strong. It has that unique vitality of a young Laddie; the liveliness, the power, the beating heart, the breath of life. It arouses the senses into a state of expectancy and it delivers.

Stunning! Honey, amber orange with hot copper highlights.

It opens on sweet oak and hot mashed barley which is balanced by a brilliant combination of zesty citrus fruits and the floral notes of wild flowers and plants growing on the cliffs and coastline of our storm lashed coast. Throughout the nosing, the distinctive aromas of the Atlantic Ocean and sandy beaches are underpinning the olfactory orchestra. Close your eyes and breath in gently for a while and you will be transported to Islay. It’s an experience few have experienced – now you can!

After some 10 minutes, the soft fruits created by slow distillation rise serenely, coated with a dash of honey and lemon, and then add a twist of spiced cinnamon with vanilla syrup, pear and melon. Now you are in the Zone.

Long and rich.

It’s a brilliant young Laddie packed with passion and pride. Free of additives and immune from marketing make-believe. It shows humility and highlights the skills of forefathers. I love it.

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