bruichladdich Bere Barley 2008: Islay Grown

Dunlossit Estate farm

Bruichladdich Bere Barley 2008 Islay Grown

Six-row Bere is Britain’s oldest strain of cultivated cereal. Some believe it was brought to the Hebrides by Norse invaders but it may have been here in the Neolithic, some 5,000 years ago.

Bere is a hardy and resilient grain, adapted to poor soil conditions and a  short growing season with long hours of daylight. Yields are low and the grain proved difficult to mill. The dense grist was to break our Victorian equipment when we first tried to mash it. But the results speak for themselves. Head Distiller Adam Hannett says; “The bere has more emphasis on the fruit and malt notes than spirit distilled from conventional two row barley varieties. It seems more full bodied, with more depth and malt character.”

Unpeated Islay Single Malt Scotch whisky
GRAIN: 100% Bere barley grown on Dunlossit Estate, Islay in 2007
DISTILLATION: 2008 from the 2007 harvest,  a single vintage expression.
MATURATION: American oak casks from Ex-Bourbon and Tennessee whiskies
AGED: 9 years
BOTTLING: At distillery with Islay Spring water, un chill filtered and colouring free
LIMITED: to 18,000 bottles
ACCREDITATION: Grown in partnership with the Agronomy Institute of the University of Highlands and Islands, Orkney.

Tasting Notes

Pale winter sunlight

Green fruits - gooseberries, apples and pears.

A honey-soft texture with rich and malty sweetness and great depth.

A gentle dryness with a hint of oak. Honeysuckle.

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