Scotch and Sci-Fi on Scottish Barley and Octomore 6.2


We are always delighted to receive reviews from around the world of whisky.  Here are a couple from the ‘Scotch and Sci-Fi’ site run by Jonathon Webb who has been blogging about his favourite drink for a year or more now.

The first features ‘The Classic Laddie – Scottish Barley‘ which is the unpeated dram that introduces many people to our range around the world.  This is a multi-vintage cuvee put together by Jim McEwan and his team to showcase the classic floral and elegant Bruichladdich style.

Jonathon’s second review is of the super-heavily peated ‘Octomore 6.2′.  The numbers appended to the Octomore series do have a logical meaning.  The .1s were distilled from Scottish barley and aged in bourbon casks.  Those designated .2 are distilled from Scottish barley filled into bourbon, but have ACE’d (additional cask enhancement) in something different.  In the case of 6.2 this is French oak from Limousin that used to hold eau-de-vie.  We are yet to release an Octomore designated .3, although if Jim judges the time is right then 2014 will see the first one.  This will have been distilled from Islay barley.

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