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Ben’s Whisky Blog is the work of Ben Cops who is a programmer from London.  He has been reviewing whiskies since August of last year (2013), often comparing and contrasting several expressions from the same distillery in a single post, a method described as a ‘vertical’.

Ben has recently taken three groups of Laddies, the first being our trio of age-statement bottlings, the Laddie Ten, the Sixteen and the Twenty Two.  He then takes a look at Black Art 3 and 4 before moving on to Octomore 4.1, 5.1 and 6.1 These are all tasted and compared using a sort of ‘matrix’.  He particularly polite about Octomore 4.2 ‘Comus’, which is sensibly considered separately, claiming that he would swap his car for a case of this extraordinary spirit, which was ACE’d in a Sauternes cask.  Sadly we are not in a position to take him at his word as we sold out of Comus at the distillery many moons ago…

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