What is going on in Aruba?


Aruba is an island lying at the southern tip of the Caribbean archipelago, nestling in the crook of the Gulf of Venezuela.  Presided over by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix, Aruba forms part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and, according to official statistics, 101,484 people currently call it home.

And why might we be troubling you with fascinating facts from a lovely, but relatively obscure, corner of the southern Caribbean? Well it appears that the people of Aruba have a remarkable thirst for Scotch whisky.

What is going on in Aruba?

According to a recent Scotch Whisky Association report, this tiny enclave of Dutch imperialism ranks an astonishing 20th in terms of value in the world Scotch whisky export markets.  Exports to the value of £22 million found their way there last year.  http://bit.ly/UNpco0

Let’s just put that in perspective. According to the CIA, Aruba’s GDP puts it 185th in the world league table.  If Aruba imported £22 million of our beloved nectar in the last year that represents £216 of whisky for every man, woman and child.  That’s a lot of Scotch.

As the official tourist website, aruba.com, breezily states, Aruba is “One happy island”. Perhaps. But perhaps there is more to this happy little island than meets the eye…

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