Warehouse Sixteen


Production of spirit for single malt whisky at Bruichladdich is steadily increasing with the aim of reaching a target of 1.5million ola per year.  We are able to achieve this without changing either the way we distill or any of our original Victorian equipment.  We are simply working round the clock for five and a half days a week. This is absolutely vital that we can remain true to our principles of slow, thoughtful distillation, the craft of the distiller.

Warehouse SixteenWhile we can distill the additional spirit without too much of a problem, storing it is a rather different matter however.  We are completely committed to maturing all of our spirit here on Islay, on the banks of Loch Indaal, in the villages of Bruichladdich and Port Charlotte – which means having to build more warehouses.

Our latest is now beginning to take shape on the hill above the distillery – Warehouse Sixteen at Bruichladdich.  This will have a footprint of 1,600 square metres and, depending on configuration, could provide additional storage for up to 15,000 casks.

Main contractors for the project are local boys Andrew and Neil Wood of Octofad and we are hoping that it will be finished in June of this year.

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