The malt whisky reviews of Augustus Hare


We are delighted to feature reviews of two very different Bruichladdich single malts from the journal of Augustus Hare, a menswear company which: “adheres to the traditions of meticulous craftsmanship”.  The first is a Sixteen Year Old Laddie aced in a famous Chateau cask.  The second is an interesting assessment of the world’s most heavily peated whisky, the Octomore 5.1/169.  The prose, as one would expect, is perfectly poised.

Those who are interested in the subtle nuances of genuine quality may well have encountered the timeless elegance of neckwear from this very English company.  We like ties.  Ties are not exactly regulation wear at Bruichladdich, but we do appreciate the importance of dressing to kill on that special occasion.

Augustus Hare present beautiful cufflinks too, hand crafted in Birmingham from appropriately hallmarked sterling silver bullion to which vitreous enamel is applied by quill.

We salute the work of our fellow artisans.

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