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One of the great pleasures associated with being a small artisanal producer of, say, Islay single malt Scotch whisky, is how enthusiastically our work is received around the world by an ever-increasing band of interested people.  More and more of you seem to be ‘getting’ what high quality whisk(e)y is all about, and placing it in its proper context.

All over the world, individuals and groups are coming together to try interesting drinks, comment on them, review them, give them a score, or simply just say their piece.  We are then all able to share their thoughts, dreams, contexts and ideas though social media.  It is fascinating.  It is great fun, and it can be extremely rewarding, both for us as distillers, and hopefully for you as consumers when you are faced with the amazing choices it is possible to encounter in a 21st century liquor store.

We hope to feature more and more of the work of whisky clubs, enthusiasts and bloggers from around our wonderful planet – pointing to it from our own social media streams and website.  You will not be surprised to hear that we will be extremely biased towards those who review Bruichladdich whiskies, but we do not pretend to exist in a vacuum and our links should also lead to views about other interesting spirits.  Sometimes the reviewers may not be all that complimentary about a particular dram, but that’s OK.  On the understanding that they are not ridiculous, or rude, it won’t stop us sharing them.

We start here with the very excellent Buffalo Whiskey Guild from Buffalo in upstate New York.  They love whisk(e)y of course, describing it as an artform, but their appreciation does not stop there – reaching out to craft beers and even other spirits.  We really love the club’s appreciation of all things local, be they coffee bars, or even doughnut stalls: “Buffalo is Corporate-America hell”, they claim, “where the most beloved places and things are all homegrown, especially when it comes to food and drink.”

Local Pride” they call it.  It’s a good call.  We need to know and care where things come from.  To stand up and applaud those responsible – those who proudly place their names on their products.  So like the Whiskey Guild, we salute Paula’s Doughnuts of Buffalo in upstate New York.  Because provenance is important.

In addition to the Rum Cask review we link to above, the Buffalo Whisky Guild also featured the Laddie Classic a while back. They also take great photographs.  Slainte!

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