Feis Ile 2021: Bruichladdich Laddie Origins in Review


Our official Feis Ile 2021 bottle went on sale on the 30th May 2021 through ballot process. The ballot will run until Friday 4th June. We sent industry bloggers some samples ahead of time for review. Their thoughts are condensed below.

We recommend clicking the titles to read the full reviews for a balanced and unbiased view of the liquid.


Angus @ WhiskyFun

“I suddenly wish I was on Islay, rather a lot. I find this very good and the composition of all these various forces seems to have settled in balance, which is no mean feat. I especially like this rather generous and easy fruitiness and freshness. An ideal Feis Ile release.”


Connas @ The Whisky Lounge

“A solid dram from Bruichladdich here folks. And with trademark transparency employed to the point of supplying the recipe of the whisky, their intention of involving and sharing the distillery’s evolution is clear for all to see. And more importantly, taste. Their concept has been delivered, and intentions fulfilled.”


Henry @ Master of Malt

“Deliciously complex. Needs a drop of water to be fully appreciated but this is a magnificent whisky.”


Thijs @ Words of Whisky

“Taste: A great viscosity and a subtle maltiness. Gentle spices like cracked peppercorns and cloves alongside honey, beeswax and tinned pineapple, as well as some golden syrup. There’s licorice root also, and it has a slight medicinal touch as well, followed by some bitter lemon peel and peach.
Finish: Lingering spices, mint and honey. Long.
Score: 90
The Laddie Origins has everything that makes Bruichladdich such an interesting, unique spirit.”


Ruben @ Whisky Notes

“I’m not completely sold on this particular expression. It goes in different directions and the wine / wood combination is a little too prominent for my taste, especially on the palate. That said, wine casks are an important element for Bruichladdich so it does capture their unique character pretty well.”


Gert @ Tasty Dram

“People who have followed the masterclass with Adam Hannett will recognize some descriptors from the mystery samples coming back to the final product. A fine example of constructing layers with different casks, ages and barley types.

“I’ll make it short. WOW! It’s a stunning whisky in classic Laddie tradition. Expect some funky casks, out of the ordinary distillates and lots of Islay-bred geekiness.”


If the temptation to buy this whisky is now all-too-much, you can enter our festival ballot via community.bruichladdichdistillery.com/register

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