Bruichladdich’s Day in the Sun – Feis Ile 2012


The Ilich, the people of this island, are a superstitious lot.

They say that the Gods shine on Bruichladdich like no other, and no matter how appalling the weather has been, the sun will always shine on Bruichladdich Day – Feis Ile 2012.

Last year a fierce hurricane battered Islay, but by some divine intervention the eye of the storm passed on the Bruichladdich Sunday – and the sun shone. This year, our twelfth Bruichladdich day, the weather was unbeatable, just magnificent: the breeze was warm and temperatures soared to 30 degrees.

Bruichladdich day, part of the Feis IIe 2012, is all about good music, food, drink, humour and conviviality.  It’s a gathering, a ceillidh, nothing particularly happens, it just is.

There were two master classes: Jim’s quasi-religious experience  previewing a number of new bottlings such as PC10 and standing on table tops; and for the first time a stirling performance by The Young Guns, presented by the youthful and engaging distillery manager Allan Logan, Joanne Brown and Craig Johnstone, featuring younger aged spirits such as Islay barley. A very good tasting.

Skerryvore played their wonderful uplifting music, Robin Laing played his amusing songs – mainly Bruichladdich compositions, but later, much later, one about a blow up doll…

Islay Ales and Bruichladdich whisky (and gin) flowed.  The cocktail tent offered Whizzbangs (with The Organic) from a 1934 Savoy Cocktail recipe; Celery Sours (with Botanist Gin) invented by Jason Scott; and Sneaky Peat (Port Charlotte) created by Alan Fisher.

Excellent local produce was on offer, not only to drink, but to eat: oysters, Islay surf and turf, strawberries and cream etc. A real treat. A great day.

Next year we will need all the luck of the Gods – it will be the thirteenth…

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