Three Valinch bottlings – The Malt Impostor


A review of a trio of our Valinch bottlings by The Malt Impostor which is in fact a plurally challenged triumverate comprising John, Stephen and Bill.  The Malt Impostor represents the bloggosphere in full flight, with each post hilariously rivalling the last in its efforts to attach ever more ludicrous olefactory interpretations to Scotland’s national drink.  It’s very funny, laugh out loud funny in fact, and therefore, as with most good comedy, the sketches are based on more than a grain of truth.

The Valinches examined in this post are “Coming of Age”, “Prediction” and “God Save The Queen”.  Taste notes include: “Graphite dusted shrimp crisps eaten noisily during the performance of Mahler’s Fourth Symphony”.  You get the picture…  In two weeks time the three of them are apparently heading this way as part of a whisky tour of Scotland – so we must hope they are planning a visit to the western shore of Loch Indaal.  They will be most welcome.

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