Octomore is not your middle-of-the-road whisky. It’s not for everyone. Your first Octomore is an experience, on which every subsequent Octomore builds. It’s important who you’re with, but ultimately what you take from it is yours alone.

It’s as peaty as it gets, batch by batch, from a cold slow malting process. It’s bottled at cask strength. The flavours peak when it’s quite young, so that’s when we release it. There’s a lot going on! Fortunately, a growing number of people find its power and delicacy, complexity and singular identity, as spectacular as we do.

Some recent history. Exploring this boundary-breaking range led us to group the Octomore 8 releases together into a “Masterclass” in 2017. That was followed by “Dialogos” for the 9 releases, also as a set, encouraging debate around the marque’s approach and merit. Responses were highly personal, and we came to thinking that you couldn’t understand Octomore without having experienced it.

So in 2019 we started designing an Octomore installation, a site-specific immersive tasting experience that would help people shed their preconceptions and be led by their senses into a new appreciation of these bottlings of the world’s most heavily peated whisky. The roll-out of the Octomore Experience was paused by the pandemic; 2020 saw us turning it into an interactive digital experience instead, in time for the launch of the Octomore 11s. It’s more personal; online, the drinker is in charge.

The Octomore Digital Experience, ODX, took as its starting point the original Octomore creation story. We aimed to do things differently and explore unknown territories – Octomore X invites everyone to go on that journey with us, fully immersing themselves in Octomore. We played with a number of different recorded voices, representing the voice of reason on one hand and the impulsive instinct on the other; right brain, left brain. Visuals came from the Lidar scans and filming we had done on location in Islay for the projections at the planned real world events.

We’ve enhanced ODX for the release of the Octomore 12s, so you can find your own path through this audiovisual world in 360* via your cursor plus browser or the gyro on your smart phone.

After entering our Octomore world, you can choose to cue one of eleven intimate tastings with Head Distiller Adam, recorded in our warehouses in Port Charlotte. A personal experience of the full 10th and 11th series of Octomores, and the 12.1, 12.2 and 12.3 awaits you there.

Become one of the initiated. Let us know how you get on!


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