Octomore 5 / 169ppm: Outrageous Numbers


Cube, prime, square. Image, object, audio. You decide.

Send us your most outrageous numbers to win a bottle of this outrageous Octomore 5 dram. Usual arbitrary rules apply.

How do I enter?

Please send your entries to submit@bruichladdich.com. Geotagged photos we can add to our map are always highly favoured by the judging panel, but do not guarantee shortlisting. Three dimensional ‘Objet d’Art’, cigars etc. can be sent to “The World’s Greatest Distillery, Bruichladdich, Islay”.

As always the weird and wonderful are particularly welcome. Cheating and bribery are all part of the fun and are generally encouraged. Entries in French will be warmly received but will not sway our judges who, after careful consideration, will make an arbitrary and probably unreasonable decision based on the excellence of the submissions. Or maybe they will just pick the winner out of hat. Who knows?

But someone will receive this delicious new cult monster dram. It could be you.

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