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One of the problems of creating limited release single malts is that it will always be difficult to ensure that all Laddie fans have the opportunity to experience everything we produce, no matter where you live in the world.  These are small batch artisanal whiskies and we simply do not have enough to go round.

Unfortunately, it will never be possible to please everybody, but lots of us travel, or know folk who travel, so we feel that releasing some of these whiskies as Global Travel Retail exclusives is an excellent way of reaching a lot of people. The nature of GTR should also mean that some of these expressions are available for longer periods of time.

These GTR exclusives are:

The Organic Scottish Barley –  All Scottish barley was once organically grown and we are rediscovering ancient synergies between distiller, farmer and soil.  Released in a 1litre bottle this creamiest of whiskies results from the slow trickle distillation of 100% Scottish organic barley and maturation in premium American oak.

Bere Barley 2006 – Grown on Islay at Kynagarry Farm, bere is one of the world’s oldest domestic cereals with Scottish antecedents that stretch back more than 6,000 years. It produces hopelessly small yields for both farmer and distiller and the dense, rich grist plays havoc with our Victorian machinery, but the end result is a fascinating, uber-provenance single malt whisky.

Port Charlotte PC11 – This seventh annual release in our Port Charlotte PC series encounters this heavily peated spirit eleven years into its journey.  Each year we release just a handful of precious bottles at cask strength. Our mission? To explore the effects of time on that esoteric union between spirit and oak as it mellows in our salt-soaked Hebridean air.

Octomore 6.2 – this expression of the world’s most heavily peated whisky has been matured in casks that once held one of the world’s great eaux de vie. Jim McEwan brings together the grace, elegance and complexity for which Octomore spirit has become synonymous and marries it with some of the finest oak in the world.

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