The Laddie Gaga – from Whiskypedia


Here we have an offering from the mighty Whiskypedia.  It is in French, and despite rumours to the contrary, our command of the language is limited so we cannot be certain whether they are being rude about us or not.  However, the title of the opinions appended to our landmark expression, The Laddie Ten, is so eye-wateringly awful that we feel we have to draw your attention to it no matter what they might be saying about us.

So here you have it, in all its glory, The Laddie Gaga.  Even the picture caption is a pun of painful proportions – the Iron Laddie.  We do suspect that, even though we have little idea about what the Whiskypedia might be saying about us, there is a certain level of sympathy in there for the Bruichladdich Way.  We deduce this from a persusal of the email address we are invited to use should we wish to contact this august organisation.  It is:

So they must be on our side…


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