Islay Barley 2006 Review by Whiskydude


Our Islay Barley 2006 bottling seems to have tickled our friend Whiskydude over on Instagram who wrote this mouth-watering review. We’re rather partial to this one ourselves here at the distillery – single farm, single field, single year’s vintage and a wonderfully rich and oily dram (though we say so ourselves). Pure Bruichladdich. Thanks whiskydude! Glad you enjoyed it!

whiskydude dude-notes: * nose: sweet and bisquity, butterscotch and shortbread, cream of vanilla and just wonderful grain notes. plenty of cereal. tropical fruits and distinct lemon peel. / taste: barley sugar, fresh wood, fresh everything… hell this is a crisp fresh organic feeling malt, mouthfeel is fantastic, as in- you could finish off this bottle in one go. (but you certainly wont) young and vibrant, layers of sweetness. / finish: long finish, the cereal and the sweet fruit are coming along all the way. / this is a quite wonderful malt, everyone can like this, and it is truly a craft product being purely islay from grain to bottling. pricing is excellent (+1 points for that in the dude-score-universe) – MARK IT DUDE ! : 87/100.

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