Bere Barley 2006 Whisky – a personal review


Our Master Distiller Jim McEwan was as delighted as we were to receive the following letter from Brian Minnie in San Francisco…

Hello Jim,

After just having opened my bottle of Bere Barley 2006 I felt compelled to send you a note to express my initial thoughts. This whisky is simply amazing! I’m only 2 sips into my first dram and I just can’t stop nosing it. It’s honestly like sticking my nose into a bin of barley – I’m astounded how clearly the cereal aromas have been retained through the distillation and aging. This is like no other whisky I have ever tasted – congratulations to you and the team on such a wonderful product. I haven’t even added water yet… just enjoying it too much at bottle strength. And for such a relatively young whisky, the finish is incredibly long. I can still taste the roasted cereal long after my last sip. Unfortunately the bottles K&L had sold out within a day so I will need to ration my lone bottle sparingly.

The aromas and taste of this whisky instantly transported me back to Bruichladdich and remind me of the wonderful smells that hit me as I stepped onto the distillery grounds back in 2007 (yes I am a proud graduate of the old Academy!).
Well done! Slainte!
Brian Minnie, San Francisco, Cal.

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