The Laddie Snug at The Artisan


There is no particular reason you should have heard of Derek Mather, although many of you will have. If you join the chatter on Facebook you may recognise the name and you will probably have seen posts from his restuarant, The Artisan, in Wishaw, Glasgow.

Derek is a whisky fan. More specifically Derek is a Bruichladdich fan. Let’s just qualify that. The Artisan stocks over 2000 different single malts, of which 437 are Bruichladdichs and rising. Even Derek’s beef for the restaurant comes from the highlanders on James Brown’s Octomore Farm, above the distillery.

The mighty Octomore Orpheus at the ArtisanDerek is as passionate a chef as a whisky man and works furiously in his kitchen conjuring up malt inspired creations such as Octomore beefburger, dressed with Octomore whisky relish and whisky smoked cheese; Laddie sorbet, Botanist & Tonic sorbets; Port Charlotte creme brûlée… This is big, creative, comfort grub, made and served with home-cooked passion and a welcoming dram. Derek makes Orpheus gravy.

But Derek’s passions have finally got the better of him and The Artisan; his overflowing shelves and love of Bruichladdich have forced him to spill into the premises next door, which he has now annexed and christened The Laddie Snug. I doubt if there is anywhere else on earth quite like it.

Slainte Derek, Fiona and The Artisan crew.

To read an interview with Derek about his passion for whisky and all things Bruichladdich, here:

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