Jewmalt, the Sex Pistols & Dead Muskrat


We appreciate entertaining writing much as we appreciate good whisky and a scan through the archives of the excellent ‘Jewmalt’ blog provides plenty.  Written by Joshua ‘Yossi’ Hatton it was probably Yossi who first drew a parallel between Bruichladdich and the Sex Pistols (in print anyway).

Yossi wrote: “Back in 1976/77 few major bands had the look or (raw) impact on the music like the Sex Pistols.  Rock was stagnating and Disco was becoming more popular.  But the Sex Pistols burst upon the scene like a lion on new kill.

Jewmalt, the Sex Pistols and Dead MuskratCompare this to Bruichladdich, look at their kick-ass packaging or their all-over-the-place releases of yesteryear (and by yesteryear, I mean the past 8-10 years and up until the newest Laddie Ten).  From the moment they released their amazing new “Laddie Ten“, it takes people from a scratch-your-head, “what are these guys doing?!” position to a more, “Ah, NOW I get it!” position.”

Yossi has been an enthusiastic supporter of ours over the years, but we sometimes get it in the neck – he once described sampling one of our deliciously original and challenging Valinch bottlings as like drinking a dead muskrat.  Ah well, can’t win them all…

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