Going for it in Gothenburg


“Antalet personer som deltar i dagens provsmakning är … två tusen … tvåhundra … och åttio tre”

The Islay contingent on stage at the Swedish Beer and Whisky Fair weren’t sure if they had succeeded as the Guiness adjudicator read out the result.

The chain of hands round shoulders tightened with anticipation. It was quickly not a problem, however, having no grasp of the Swedish language, as our man in Gothenburg, David Kringlund, raced to the front of the stage, arms aloft – gold glitter bursting into the air. The Bruichladdich team – Adam Hannett, Joanne Boyd and Rab McEachern knew by now what had been achieved. A new Guinness World Record for the largest whisky tasting ever – 2283 attendees.

When the idea was first mooted by our Swedish team, our Senior Brand Manager Lynne McEwan (always one for a challenge and something a bit outside the box) had replied with a massive “YES” and kindly volunteered the trio before they had even read the original email.

We are always looking for opportunities to tell as many people as possible about what we do and who we are, but even for us this was massive. Adam’s record tasting audience was in the 200’s, Joanne’s was the same, Rab’s was around 25 and he hadn’t stood in front of this many people since his failed ‘Big Brother’ audition in 2005.

Despite going where no distiller had gone before, Adam spoke with his usual wit and passion, guiding thousands of thirsty Scandinavians through our core range of whiskies completely unphased.

It’s a testament to our commitment to our people and our island that the three person team all grew up in Port Charlotte and the surrounding area. They went to school together, before many years later finding themselves on stage in Sweden setting a new Guinness World Record.

We would like to thank David and his excellent team at Nigab in Sweden for making the event happen, and especially the 2283 people who joined us to talk all things Bruichladdich and make a little bit of history too.

Check out #BRUWA on Instagram for all the pics and banter from the day. Slainte!

Slàinte / Skål

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