Free London Masterclass Tickets


How persuasive are you?

Would you like to taste our stunning new releases – Octomore and Port Charlotte Islay Barley – in our London masterclass?

We are offering three free tickets to a whisky Masterclass being held by Joanne Brown (Twitter @JoB_Islay) at Hedonism Wines (3-7 Davies Street, London W1K 3LD) on Wednesday 22nd October from 7pm – 8.30pm

All you need to do is explain why we should give you one of these tickets by sending us a suitably persuasive email to  This email might contain an account of how you have been totally dedicated to everything Laddie since you were born in 1881 – and how this is the moment you have been waiting for for your entire life.  Or it may contain something entirely different.  It may contain a photograph you have taken of your brilliant collection of Laddies, or indeed one of your photographs that is simply brilliant – and has nothing to do with Bruichladdich at all.

Port Charlotte Islay Barley and Octomore 6.3 Islay BarleyThe usual rules apply. The judging will entirely subjective, and probably unfair. We claim that the judges tend to be biased towards entries featuring the world’s greatest single malt distillery, but that does not always work as we appreciate all sorts of interesting things here – as well as the world’s most thought-provoking single malts.

Entries to please.  Posting to our Facebook wall is also just fine..  Bribing the judges might work. Cheating is also acceptable. The judges, after careful consideration, will make an arbitrary and probably unreasonable decision based on the excellence of the entries. Or maybe they will just pick the winner out of hat. Who knows?

We recall someone winning a competition in the dim and distant past by sending a three dimensional sculpture to: “The World’s Greatest Distillery, Bruichladdich, Islay PA49 7UN” .  Someone else sent us a cigar, although they did not win for some reason.   All entries will have to arrive prior to midday (GMT) on Friday 17th October however, because that is when the competition will close.

In addition to tasting Port Charlotte Islay Barley and Octomore 6.3 Islay Barley the lucky winners will also be invited to try

Bruichladdich Black Art 4,

Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie,

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley

Please note that it is important to be sure that you can actually make it to the Masterclass in London before entering…

We hope you are able to make it.  It promises to be a great evening.  We wish you the very best of luck with the competition.  Slainte!!

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