Continuity and Change – meet Allan Logan & Adam Hannett


There has been a sense of a changing of the guard at Bruichladdich with industry legends Jim McEwan and Duncan McGillivray both retiring from the company in the recent past.  Our CEO Simon Coughlin says: “It is appropriate both to recognise the enormous contribution made by Jim and Duncan, and also to formalise the company management structure going forward.  It therefore gives me great pleasure to announce that Allan Logan is now our Production Director and Adam Hannett our Head Distiller.”

Simon continued: “These appointments will come as no surprise to any of us at Bruichladdich.  Both Allan and Adam have been intimately involved in the management of spirit at this great distillery for many years now and their appointment to these roles is a natural and welcome progression for us as we confidently look forward to the decades ahead.”

Production Director Allan Logan said: “Both Adam and I have had a remarkable opportunity to learn our trade in the company of these great whisky men and we feel privileged to have had them pass on their knowledge to us.  It is now our mission to ensure that the traditions of quality and craftsmanship they established are maintained for the generations to come.”

Head Distiller Adam Hannett said: “Thanks in large part to the work of Jim and Duncan, our warehouses are full of single malt that is now in superb condition.  They leave us a wonderful legacy that we will draw down and supplement as we move forward.  It is a great position to be in.”

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