Bruichladdich in Singapore


Bruichladdich is enjoying a series of launch events in the South east Asian island Republic of Singapore this week.  Our master distiller Jim McEwan is out to support the events many of which have been held in a series of very elegant cocktail bars in the city.We have been connecting with the events from the distillery here on Islay with the aim of showing our friends in Singapore a little of life here, including the working of the distillery and the taking in of the malting barley harvest which is happening at the moment.

Being able to instantly communicate with our friends around the globe via social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is of course a great privilege of the modern world.  It is almost possible to forget just how remote our small Hebridean community is, and how far removed we are from the busy urban lives of many of the people who enjoy our whiskies.

We love being able to show people what we do here at Bruichladdich, Port Charlotte and Octomore – to demonstrate that these are real places populated by real people who work very hard to produce a great product.  They are so much more than simply brand names.

Events have been held at “Jigger and Pony”, “Rider’ Cafe”, “Bitters and Love” and Jiu Zhuang.

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