Weather Delay to #LengthOfBritain


Following a weather delay, skipper Phil Sharp has moved the Class 40 yacht to Falmouth from Gosport in readyness for his attempt to set a benchmark for a new #LengthOfBritain sailing record from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

The passage, undertaken solo, was hard work – into a headwind that was gusting 40 knots at times. The wave patterns were high and difficult  and Phil even experienced seasickness – for the first time in ten years.

Phil has now joined his crew Sean Conway and boat owner Alex Alley in Falmouth waiting for a suitable weather window.  The initial hope was for a departure either today (7th December) or tomorrow, but Wednesday or Thursday of this week now looks a more likely owing to the appearance of some big Atlantic weather systems.

Phil shot some video footage on the passage to Falmouth which we share with you here.

We will be able to track the yacht during the record attempt here.


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