TRANSAT Quebec – St Malo – FIRST DAY



It is fantastic to be racing again in my next transatlantic adventure, and the first day of the Quebec – St Malo has provided us some very close and challenging racing. The level of competition in this event is just awesome.

The first day has actually been pretty full-on right from the start, as we had to go straight into strong upwind mode and do about 100 tacks to escape the narrow channels of the St Lawrence river near Quebec. Then followed a night of very light and flukey winds coupled with strong currents which made for some very tactical sailing. We had to anchor once to stop us getting pushed back by the tide, which always tests ones patience at the start of a 3000 mile race!

As of this morning we had a slight lead but are now in third just behind another couple of fast, Manuard designs. Thibault Vauchel-Camus on Solidaire ARSEP, my rival from the Transat, has unfortuntely just nipped ahead of us a few hours ago, so we are pushing hard to try and take this back. Catherine Pourre in her new Manuard has just gybed literally right next to us so the racing is ever so close.

Adrien is currently at the helm and Milan is taking a short nap, now things have settled down a bit.It has been really fun so far racing with 3 of us on board, which makes a nice change from solo as you can actually fully switch up when you go to sleep. It turns out Adrien is as experimental at cooking as his sailing and my diet has taking a healthy turn in comparison to my prior solo Transat where I lived off dried food and vitamin pills!  However I have made porridge for breakfast at 7 obligatory and that is going down suprisingly well with both Adrien and Milan. Although not sure they’ll appreciate the same thing for 2 weeks!

Right must dash to go and put another gybe in

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