Thanks Laddies…


Dear all,

I have just arrived back home in Jersey from Edinburgh, where we temporarily left the boat after a windy sail south from John O’Groats. We will now leave if for a couple of weeks before sailing it back to its base in Portsmouth. The Record and Scottish visit was wrapped up nicely with some very positive meetings on Friday in Edinburgh regarding the renewable energy innovations we will use in Vendee Globe Energy Challenge. It is great to have such strong interest at senior government level here.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Bruichladdich very much for your really great support during the LE-JOG record. It was great fun to be able to work with such an interesting brand and very rewarding for us that you were able to leverage the project so effectively through your marketing channels. I really hope that we were able to provide some interesting and inspiring content for Laddie fans and staff, despite the short window around this record.

As you know the LE-JOG record is the beginning of an exciting couple of years ahead, where we have now officially kicked off our training programme for the 2016/17 Vendee Globe and aim very soon to purchase an IMOCA 60 race boat for the Challenge. This will be fitted out with zero-emission technologies together with an intensive training programme ahead of our first big race of the season, The Transat. This is the most gruelling of Atlantic races, which is solo, upwind, from Plymouth to New York starting in May.  It will most certainly make the LE-JOG record look like a holiday!

This is followed closely be the official Vendee Globe Qualifying race, the Transat New York – Vendee in June, and then we have 3 months of training and prep ahead of November’s Vendee. So it will be an intensive, challenging and exciting year ahead, and we very much hope that Bruichladdich are interested in being a part of this extraordinary adventure.

Lastly, Sean, Alex and myself were very grateful for some of the finest of distilled Bruichladdich waiting for us at the finish in John O’Groats! We looked forward to this throughout the record and it definitely helped us keep focused and sail faster!  Just after crossing the line we had the pleasure of a celebratory dram aboard following a hairy finish off Duncansby head – see photo attached – incidentally we were sailing through very rough tidal overfalls at the time, and just before this photo was taken the Bruichladdich got thrown across the cockpit and I managed to just catch it within inches of it rolling off the deck!

Have a great Christmas and we look forward to catching up very soon.

All the best

and all at PSRacing

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