Conversations With The Crew #LengthofBritain


Listen in to conversations between us on Islay and the crew on board the ‘End to End’ challenge this weekend as they travel the #LengthofBritain under sail.

We’re planning to keep the audio updates coming here, and through our new soundcloud channel over the next few days. Although connectivity may be against us, that’s the least of their worries on board. Good luck gentlemen!

And they’ve made it! Phil Sharp describes his feelings – including the tiredness – but still has his eyes on the horizon and the ultimate challenge of the Vendee Globe.

Heads up with skipper, Phil, as the yacht proceeds into the final stages of the #LengthOfBritain sail – nearing Orkney, where we have connections thanks to bere barley.

Around midnight on Sunday 13th December and boat owner, Alex Alley, gives Carl the lowdown on the racing yacht and some of the technical challenges of changing the sails.

The wind drops and the speed drops as they pass Islay at midnight on Saturday December 12th, bringing the yacht within 10 miles of the distillery. The serene conditions give them chance to catch up with some sleep, but somewhat compromise the record attempt. Phil sounds disappointed but philosophical as he describes trimming the sails to work as best they can with what little wind there is.

Saturday lunchtime 12th December in the Irish sea after a rough night. Conditions = cold & wet, sleep = nil, food = less said the better…

Here is the first conversation between Carl of Bruichladdich Distillery Newsroom on Islay and skipper on the yacht, Phil Sharp, introducing the team and outlining the sail ahead of them. Recorded on Thursday 10th December 13:04 as the boat prepares to disembark Falmouth.


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